Behind the Barn Doors: Welcome to Love Shack Fancy

"It's a peaceful escape from the hustle of NYC - white, bright and airy. Whimsical and romantic, a place where you want to play dress up, run around barefoot."- Rebecca Cohen

Last summer we moved from a loft in the Meatpacking district to our new space in Chelsea. Once an artists studio, Rebecca's vision of Hamptons beach houses meets the south of France came together to create our own little haven.


How did you find this Chelsea space?

I’ve always loved this building. When I was an editor at Cosmo I came here for many years for appointments, and always specifically loved the Michael Bastian and Stella McCartney showrooms. It’s the perfect location and a great mix of fashion, and gallery spaces.  

How has the space evolved since you moved in?

We completely gut renovated the space - painted white floors and white walls, and created separate rooms. I wanted a beautiful showroom space and also a great area for the girls to work, a nice kitchen, a great open office for me and also a cool conference room that feels like a garden room.

What aesthetic did you envision?

The vibe is very beach house meets country meets south of France. A mix of Hamptons beach house and Swedish farmhouse. Mike built the most gorgeous vine tree as focal point of the space with Wisteria that hangs down. 

Who did you choose to work with on this project?

We hired the french designers Gilles & Boissier who are based out of Paris, and Patricia Tramuls oversaw all the work with us in NYC.  I came up with a vision of what I wanted the showroom to feel like and then after coming up with a few different floorplans we landed on the perfect one. A friend of mine, Mike Moser handled all of the decorate who is also the decorative manager for Ralph Lauren.


"There is music playing, rosé and croissants being served...and everything else that we love!"

Where did you source your interior inspiration from?

My house in Sagaponack was a huge inspiration.  My mothers old 1800’s farmhouse as well. Love elements from the Paris flea market, really mixing European and American styles. A mix of modern and country, beach and Europe. We have gold mirrors from Paris, a beautiful peacock chair from the French flea market, old barn doors from upstate, and a mix of old Swedish antiques, farm tables etc. Most of the pieces were bought at Brimfield antique show. 

Tell us about the centerpiece of the showroom.

It’s a wisteria tree with real wisteria branches and faux buds and floral. It really creates the focal point of the showroom. Our idea is to hang different seasonal elements and flowers from it each season. Now we are working on holiday and hanging magical twinkle lights and gold painted floral, mixed in with the wisteria. We wanted to bring elements of nature into the showroom, so having this type of magical tree felt right.


"We always have the space filled with flowers. Whether dried or fresh."


How important was the layout in your process?

I wanted a comfortable working environment for everyone, with beautiful light and communal desks so people could feel inspired and collaborate together. I think it’s extremely important to be inspired in the space where you work – so I wanted to convey this in the showroom and office.

Do you use the space for anything else?

I bring my girls to visit as much as possible – we have birthday parties for them, and little magic playdates. The other day the girls performed the nutcracker while we did a little LoveShackFancy girls photo shoot - it was magical. For them it’s a dreamworld, they feel like they are at our beach house . They have all the space to run around, and all the clothes to play dress up in. It’s the same for women – we really wanted a space for everyone to feel comfortable and inspired. Inspired to create, to shop, the brainstorm, to eat, to drink.

pssst... this is what our showroom looked like before

We roadtripped to the Brimfield Antique fair in Massachusetts...

Spring Party

Spring is one of my favorite seasons--a time of new beginnings and a signal of warmer days to come. I love collaborating with our friend and founder of Clafoutis Creations, Anne Ligeard Murat, sharing our ideas and returning to a simpler, more European sensibility. We gathered in our Chelsea showroom on a sleepy Sunday for our spring celebration dedicated to all our favorite little girls, bringing together whimsical ideas with sweet moments and gorgeous details inspired by what is pure, natural, and beautiful.

Spring is one of my favorite seasons--a time of new beginnings and a signal of warmer days to come. I love collaborating with our friend and founder of Clafoutis Creations, Anne Ligeard Murat, sharing our ideas and returning to a simpler, more European sensibility. We gathered in our Chelsea showroom on a sleepy Sunday for our spring celebration dedicated to all our favorite little girls, bringing together whimsical ideas with sweet moments and gorgeous details inspired by what is pure, natural, and beautiful.



Our Spring '17 collection was inspired by walks through the French countryside and impromptu weekends in the Catskills.

Twirl in eyelash lace, embroidered skirts, and vintage inspired cotton pieces.

We have everything for long lunches and longer nights...


From sketch to reality...

Loveshackfancy - Maggie Laine


On set in the showroom with Maggie Laine and Nadine Leopold

Loveshackfancy - Maggie Laine
Loveshackfancy - Spring 17
Loveshackfancy - Poppy Dress
Loveshackfancy - Nadine and Maggie

Behind the scenes with photographer Dean Isidro

Loveshackfancy - Nadine Leopold and Maggie Laine

Naturally Chic


Whenever we embark on a new season, we relish in vintage for inspiration and this spring we craved the tactile textures and natural tones of macramé. Fresh and chunky, it's ever perfect for exploring the rugged beaches of St.Barts or chicly pairing with vintage Levis and clogs in the city. So, no matter your adventure, you'll have a penchant for these limited edition, forever pieces that are ripe for your nomadic spirit and just the closet refresh you've been looking for…


Macramé is a form of textile-making using knotting - a craft that's widely considered to have originated with Arabic weavers in the 13th-century. It was originally known by the word migramah meaning “fringe” and was thought to have been spread around the world by sailors. Though the craze for macramé faded for a time since the 13th-century, it resurfaced in the 1970s as a major trend and now again - we’re loving it for Spring!

Some memories never leave your bones. 

Like salt in the sea: they become part of you.

A Night in Ibiza


Bienvenido a Ibiza

Over the holidays, we longed for the days of summer... so, we decided to bring the island to us! In our usual LSF fashion, we spectacularly transformed our showroom into an Ibiza sanctuary of Pinterest-worthy décor, food and style for a very special evening celebrated with family and close friends of the brand.

Moments before the party began, our founder Rebecca spun around in a Prairie Lace dress, choreographing finishing touches on the decadent center piece, an oasis of delicious food surrounded by an abundance of tangerines and garland while Chef Lola Vinegre - a master of meals we discovered this past summer in Ibiza - plated tapas for our Spanish inspired soiree. When guests arrived, they feasted on Seafood Paella paired with champagne sangria made with rose petals and a dash of black rum as the snow fell outside and the lights twinkled inside, ensconcing our showroom in a welcoming glow.

As all great ones do, the night passed - much, much too quickly.


A Moment with Chef Lola

We sat down with Chef Lola, who flew in from Ibiza to help us entertain during the holiday season and discussed her tips, tricks, and culinary inspiration

Favorite thing about cooking... To see the happiness that my food brings people plus creating a story around with the menu. Everyone is different and everyday I create something new. I love going to the market and seeing what’s fresh and in season and that’s where I find my inspiration. I go to the fish market first at 6am, the meat market, and then I go to the farmers market to collect fresh eggs, cheeses, fruits and vegetables. The most difficult thing is to be simple, once you understand the simplicity of every ingredient that goes into a dish, you can create a recipe that’s special and unique for that party or person!

Can’t cook without... Fresh herbs. They bring the best flavors out in all the ingredients.

On combining flavors... In Spain, we combine a lot of fish and meat together and with fresh herbs and ingredients I find balance with all the flavors.

" My secret ingredients are good sea salt, and if it’s raw it’s the best. Fresh herbs, not dry. Mix herbs – fresh oregano, thyme, basil, rosemary, Szechuan pepper, saffron, good extra virgin olive oils, and always good wine."


"Cook with passion and always use seasonal ingredients! You need good ingredients to make good food."


Waking up in Tulum


The sea and sand of Tulum are like no other, but Tulum has two sides and opposite its stunning beach, is the jungle. With deep, lush greens and memorizing centoes, any adventurer gets lost in its unique beauty. 

The LSF creative team has been traveling to Tulum for years, to seek inspiration, produce shoots, and to enjoy the salty air and warm love of its people. On one special trip our crew met model and now dear friend of LSF, Lias Rodrigues Liveria, Lias lives with her husband on the jungle side of the enchanting city and invited us to her home for a gorgeous afternoon dinner party. 

With wine and spirit in hand we arrived to her elegant home midst beautiful overgrown and romantic wild vegetation.

On the menu was homemade empanadas and guacamole. Music filled the air and we danced together into the evening. Lais is all heart, she entertained us with gracious affection.


Two salt water pools surrounded her home and we swam when it got too hot to dance. Never had any of us experienced a more special and inspired day. 

We laughed and loved that day. Unforgettable and almost unbelievable. 


She came from the ocean,

This wild girl from the sea,

Her hair flowing southwards

She walked towards me...

-Michael Faudet


All photos by Dean Isidro | Location: Tulum, Mexico

On the Streets



"I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color"     -Wednesday Adams


Honestly we are so obsessed with our new Melody dress that we can't wait until the spring to break out the eyelet. Thankfully with a few key accessories, and that random black turtleneck that we've always kept "just in case", we can walk the streets long before the flowers bloom.

Our long time friend and model agent, Taylor Warren, shows us how it's done by throwing her fiancé's leather over our Resort favorite.


Cab please!

Waking Up In Prairie Lace

We are pure New Yorkers, but when the weather turns cooler, we like to escape the cold and run off to the West Coast for a little sunshine. Our friend Rocky invited us inside her home for a weekend in the Hollywood Hills. We spent a day dressing up in her favorite pieces from our Resort collection and the incredible Dove Shore captured every moment.  

I am hopelessly in love with a memory. An echo from anther time, another place. Lace creates an elegant, vintage look that I love. I love the way lace sits on my body, like leather, it’s another form of texture to complete my wardrobe. The lace pieces in this shoot are everything to me, lace is such a powerful texture in imagery, shooting against my bedroom and dry desert landscape in the Hollywood Hills behind my home worked so beautifully!
So I’m back to the velvet underground
back to the floor that I love
to a room with some lace and paper flowers
back to the gypsy that I was...
Well lightning strikes, maybe once, maybe twice
Ah, and it lights up the night
And you see your gypsy

Model: Rocky Barnes | Location: Hollywood Hills, CA | Hair & Makeup: by model | Photographer: Dove Shore

Winter Lights for Festive Nights

The year end holidays have a magical way of bringing people together, whether it be over a delicious home-cooked meal with your family or during a short city escape with your closest friends. While it is easy to fall back on classic black and dependable dark pieces, this year, we're loving unexpected whites and elegant lights to stand out from the crowd and take a break from our traditional New York uniform. 

Cozy Up

Notes from Rebecca Hessel Cohen, our Founder and Creative Director.

 It's been a long and emotional week for all of us.

We need each other now more than ever, and its moments like these that we are so thankful for all the incredible women who surround us.

There is no better feeling than to be inspired by your friends, so I wanted to share a little editorial that we recently shot with my close friend and Loveshack muse, Julia Restoin Roitfeld. We became friends a few years ago through our little girls, and we’ve had so many unbelievable memories together.

Julia embodies everything that we all aspire to be. Her confidence, beauty, sensuality and free spirited nature is contagious. She is sexy and feminine, mysterious and charming, approachable and aspirational. She has the ability to wear clothes and not let the clothes wear her. She is so much more than a model, she is a career woman and a mom.

So now is the time to get out in nature, grab your cozy knits, and layer them with all the pieces that make you feel like the amazing woman that you are.

 In this story Julia wears our baby alpaca knit sweaters, layered with our silk charmeuse and metallic maxi dresses and our new prairie lace agnes top.   

 Thank you CR and Masha Photo, and Julia for such a gorgeous shoot and feature…

Read full story on CR Fashion Book

Rebecca xx

LoveShackFancy, Founder and Creative Director

Halloween: Glam Edition

Dressing up as Trump, Hilary or Harley Quinn is so clichéd this year. So let's ditch the flower child hippie costume or the witch hat and go a little glam. A couple accessories can turn your favorite dress or top from everyday to holiday.

Don't worry, you'll still paint the town red...

Trick or Treat...


A Girls Afternoon in the Village with Montana Cox and Luci Taffs

"Anything is possible. This is New York!" -Carrie Bradshaw

We spent the afternoon running and dancing through the streets of the West Village with our favorite Aussie best friends

All looks are available now!



Photographer: Michaela Wissen | Location: NYC | Makeup: Glamsquad | Vintage tees: Models own | Bags: YSL & Chloe

Behind the Scenes in the West Village

Brooklyn Blues

Brooklyn Blues

A Friday with our favorite Brooklyn loveshack babes: model Britt Maren and jewelry designer Leslie OKelley... love, travel and life across the water...

Britt: Brooklyn has some similar vibes to Austin, I think crossing the water and being slightly removed from the craziness of the city is highly beneficial for me as a whole.  After living in the city for a while, Derek and I were ready to make a place our home, and it’s been amazing to do that here in Williamsburg. We have a spare bedroom, so we can have friends and family from back home come and stay whenever. Love in NYC has its ups & downs, but I think when you find that right person, it’s a great place to be, especially when you’re young. 


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