A Mid-Autumn’s Night Dream


The air was crisp as we gathered in a floral dreamscape for a mystical night of Victorian decadence. A vision of romance and magic brought to life, we celebrated my hubby’s 40th birthday with our nearest and dearest. 


“Here’s to all the places we went. Here’s to all the places we’ll go. And to me kissing you, whispering again and again just how much I love you, every day of my life.  Happy birthday to my soul mate, my hero, my best friend, my everything.” 



Transported into an otherworldly wonderland of winding wisteria, twinkling chandeliers, and hints of gold under a transparent tent off the patio of our beloved Sagaponack home. Dramatic arrangements of dark cascading floral clouds of rust, cream, and deep berry hues hung midair in rhythm with the moody music and ambient light for a magical, intimate night.

image001 (1).jpg

As dusk made way for candlelight, guests began to take their fur-clad seats at two long exposed-wood tables layered in gorgeous vintage gold brocade fabrics, with mix-and-match place settings of gold, cream, and black, alongside beautiful shimmering gold rim glasses and crystal cut goblets. Down the center of the tablescape, brass candelabras paralleled trailing vines, rich fruits, and sparkling brass votives; and there under the evening sky, we sat for a feast.

image001 (1).png

The spectacular evening lingered into the wee hours of the morning; we were dressed in whimsical vintage blush tulle, elegant blacks, florals, and shine as we danced under the starlight.


More on the evening’s festivities…

What was the inspiration for the evening?

Romantic Decadence was the inspiration for the event. We wanted to give our everything and make this a night to remember. Todd’s a lover of design, beauty, and excellence, so it only felt right to ring in this new decade in such a grand fashion. Everywhere we searched, there were no event rentals that compared to the personal inventory we’ve been building and shopping for over the years. 

We decide to use a clear tent that would be a garden-house, connected to our home. In this unique space, we created an evening under the stars with floating, twinkling floral gardens surrounded by antiques, covered with furs, candlelight, and layers of vintage rugs.

How did you decide on the color palette?

We envisioned moody saturated tones and over-the-top florals that felt masculine enough for my husband’s birthday, but also sultry and delicate. 

What was the inspiration for the menu? 

We collaborated closely with Little Gem, my best friend Jordana Blitz's catering company, to create the perfect fall menu with Todd’s favorite foods and wines.

The desserts?

We had a mix of our favorite desserts that included a gorgeous chocolate cake and meringue floral pies from Clarissa’s in East Hampton. Fresh donuts from Ludlow Farm in Bridgehampton, brownies from Little Gem, plus an assortment of cakes from Momofuku in NYC . 

Why did you decide to throw this event at your home?

I was running in the country, while mentally planning Todd’s birthday in the city when it hit me that we're happiest when we’re entertaining together in one of our homes. So naturally, an evening in our beach house—transformed into something magical—was a must! 

What was the floral inspiration?

Flowers are essential to my daily life therefore when I host an event, it's that times 100! Emily is truly a master at achieving the full power and fantasy that flowers bring to an experience. We wanted this garden-house to feel overgrown, with vines trailing and bursting into our home.

Who did the decor, the lighting, seating, and table setting?

I collaborated with Mike Moser, a close friend, and my Interior Designer for all our spaces.

Who sang at the event?

Blue Opal Jazz Band, French-inspired cocktail music which is always our favorite. They set an elegant tone for cocktail hour. Plus, we loved dressing the lead singer in one of our new dresses. ;) 

Who was the DJ and what was the music of choice?

We went for a chill lounge Ibiza international vibe for dinner with Nick Cohen, that set the tone for an evening of dancing followed by an assortment of our favorites from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Who did the name cards and menu?

We had our artist whom hand paints our prints at LoveShackFancy create custom artwork inspired by Romantic Decadence

Who was the artist at the event?

Anouk painted watercolors of all the guests!

The guests?

All of our dear friends, co-workers and everyone whom we hold dear to our hearts. Because it was a last minute party in the Hamptons, not everyone could come, but the people who did attend made it a perfect evening. Sometimes last minute spontaneous events are truly the best. The guests brought incredible energy, and everyone enjoyed the beautiful dinner under the magical tent. Plus, everyone was on the dance floor! We created a little lounge area in the tent, so it felt like a mix of Hotel Costes meets some of our favorite interior design spaces to create a special place that Todd would love.  

Photography: Caroline Cuse, Marcela Cussolin, and Akira Ruiz

Floral: FLWR Studio

Event Production: Sofia Crokos

Watercolor Artwork: Anouk Colantani

Fall Fête: Celebrating Harvest Season


We gathered at dusk, with plaids, and florals aplenty, to celebrate the harvest season, at the edge of the orchard along my mom’s property. As daylight made way for a stunning sunset of ombre hues, we sat by candlelight at a tablescape inspired by our Fall collection, with plaid silk jacquard bows tied around antique silver flatware and vintage chairs with seat cushions covered in our custom LSF floral.


Brilliant arrangements of seasonal flowers woven together in an array of white and pink cosmos, ‘Strawberry Blonde’ sunflowers, garden roses, Lacecap hydrangeas, grasses, Butterfly ranunculus, Blushing Bride, waxflower, amaranthus, and anemones by Missi Flowers, set the tone for the evening's festivities.


Dining on seafood paella and the last of the fresh local farmstand vegetables under twinkling lights—soaking up every last drop of Harvest bliss.

The spectacular evening lingered on into the wee hours of the morning with fireside S’mores and dancing under the light of the moon with our nearest and dearest.



Falling For Paris, A Forever Love Story

Paris, a city to dream wild, where romance and roses fill the air under the twinkling lights. Off we go to the city of love because Paris is always a good idea!

Herein, our Founder and Creative Director Rebecca, shares her love for the French capital, plus hidden gems and picturesque places to stay (and shoot!) with LoveShack family & friends, on our trip to Paris for Market and Fashion Week.


We love to stay at La Reserve — it’s a beautiful hotel and close to shopping, galleries, and dreamy cafes.  


Every morning we head to Cafe Flore for baguettes and coffee, followed by lunch or drinks at Hotel Costes in the garden, and we love Le Petit Lutetia, Cafe Marly, L’ami Louie, or Lou Lou’s for dinner.


I love to wander the lovely streets of Saint Germain to discover inspiring home stores and gorgeous boutiques. A few of my favorite shops are Bon Marche for women, Merci for interior finds, and of course Bonpoint on Rue De Tournon for kids. Plus, I always prioritize a trip to Les Puces, the flea market, which is brimming with vintage treasures. 


When in Paris, I like to visit the garden art museum at Luxembourg Gardens, as well as the Picasso Museum, and the Rodin Museum. 

Wear All Day, Every Day

All I want to wear is the Cata Dress, Rosie Sweaters, Ruffle Minis, and The Alex Skirt in Paris.


I Got it From My Mom: Happy Birthday, Nancy!

I Got it From My Mom: Happy Birthday, Nancy!

To the most selfless magical woman who walks fiercely, speaks with dignity, dances to the rhythm of her own drum, and inspires us to be better, every single day. Bright and effervescent, generous and authentic, refined and casual, elegant and cool, independent and maternal, shack and fancy, and LOVE, she’s all LOVE. The original LoveShackGirl, the heart & soul of our family, and this company.

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In the Spirit of Sisterhood


As an only child, I’ve always viewed the bond between sisters with wonder and a silent wish for a sister of my own. Throughout life, I've formed friendships akin to that of sisterhood, and I love my girlfriends something fierce. However, it wasn’t until I gave my first daughter Scarlett her little sister Stella that I genuinely felt the power of sisterhood.

Sisters are some of the most important relationships in life, and literature has long tried to capture the complex dynamic, from Jane Austen's Sense & Sensibility to Louise May Alcott’s Little Women. Therefore, in honor of sisters everywhere — perhaps real or those we call spirit sisters — we celebrate all-night dance parties, secrets carried in the wind, giggling under-the-covers, a lifetime of memories & adventure, dress-up, dancing in the moonlight, sweet, crazy conversations full of half sentences, daydreams, drama, and forever friendship.

To our soul sisters and partners in crime, this one's for you.



Sunkissed Shores of Harbour Island


As dreamy beaches stretch for miles, the wind carries the smell of salt and sea across the powder white sand and crystal clear water. Escape to the ease of island life, adorned in effortless florals, for sunshine, selfies, hot days, and cool nights.

It’s that summer getaway feeling.



We go every year, because it’s so laid back and relaxed. The girls can run all day and night on the beach without a care in the world. The locals are super friendly, plus cars aren’t allowed on the island, only golf carts, which naturally forces everyone to slow down. It’s wonderful!



The first trip I took to the island was back in my Cosmo days for a shoot I was styling. We rented Diane von Furstenberg’s adorable beach house and went between there and Pip’s Place — which is now called The Oceanview and has the best food on the island. It was the trip that sealed my love for Harbour Island and I couldn’t wait to bring my family back.



For our most recent trip we rented a modern beach house that was beautiful, beachy, and very symmetrical, with lots of wood and natural elements incorporated. In the past we have stayed at the Dunmore we flip-flop each year between renting a house or staying at the hotel.


Always! We did a 90’s inspired shoot as a throwback to old school Harbour Island and Elle Magazine, that we all love so much. The shoot featured our dear friend Julia Restoin Roitfeld and was shot by Dean Isidro, styled by Katie Mossman.

Julia has been coming to the island since she was a baby and it’s like her second home — everyone at The Ocean View has known her since she was tiny!

And you know it’s never a trip if we don’t play dress-up and jump in front of the camera too! One night, with the moon high in the sky, we shot with my good friend Heather Lilleston from Yoga For Bad People.


You must, must, must eat at The Ocean View — can't say this enough! Also love, The Dunmore, The Rock House, plus, The Landing and the cute sushi place near the landing with no name (you’ll see it!). Don’t leave without going to Sip Sip for lunch — all the fish there’s amazing. And, try Conch Queen, for conch fritters and the best King Crab.



Our entire summer collection! I brought the whole collection with me and fell in love with each and every piece. But I definitely favored the The Coralie Dress!



I love Miss Mae’s, India hicks store. Plus, Dake’s Shoppe is amazing. And, there’s a small handmade straw hat and bag shop near our house, full of treasures. I also love wandering around the little local stores and bring back handmade pieces from the island. We always buy so much there that inspires the collection.



The Haunted House — literally, the island’s best kept secret. It reminds me of Great Expectations. The light there and the view of the sunset is so special.

Also, I’d suggest taking a boat to The Other Side, the Ocean View’s new hotel on North Eleuthera. It’s worth a day trip, trust. Plus, the sandbar with the tree in it — just ask for this. It’s the most magical place!


I’m forever inspired by the colors, oh the colors are so vibrant! Pinks!!! All the pinks! Plus the sunsets are pure magic and the sand is heaven between your toes. As you wander around, discovering homes which all look as though they are perfect little Victorian doll houses. I also managed to bring back a few dainty Bahamian prints and fabrics to work into the collection.

Salt, Sea, & Summer, in the French Riviera

Swept away in summer bliss along the majestic coastline of the Côte d’Azur’s rocky pathways, sparkling sea, and mesmerizing sunsets, we celebrate sun-filled days, free-flowing rosé, beach naps, and crooked coastal towns with beauty tucked in every corner.

Here, an essential guide to the coast’s Saint Jean Cap Ferrat region, where we swim, we chill, and we sun, in romantic florals, breezy silhouettes, and dreamy pieces. Find out why we love this exquisite area of Southern France.

Take us away…



The South of France is definitely a part of me. I went for the first time when I was 17 with my parents. The memories from that trip are so vivid…driving along the coast in the back seat with the top down and listening to Moby on my CD player — it was a bohemian dream. And later, when Todd and I started going together, my romance with the Côte d’Azur has never waned.


We spend most of our time in the Saint Jean Cap Ferrat area of the coast. Depending on preference, there are amazing places to stay. Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc offers a luxury experience perched on a hilltop with panoramic views of the Mediterranean — famous for its diving board and swings that stretch out into the sparkling sea. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more low key, there is Baie Doree, which overlooks the water with a secret garden and an expansive terrace near to the delicious La Plage Keller.



Make sure to grab a seat or (beach lounger!) at Le Club 55, Cinquante Cinq in St. Tropez — which can be reached by car or boat. Also, Eden Roc for dinner al fresco over the crystalline waters, Le Michelangelo in the town of Antibes, La Plage Keller at the water’s edge in Antibes, and La Colombe d'Or in Saint Paul de Vence, makes for a nice day trip.



Summer florals, layered over our new LSF swimwear, and wide brimmed straw hats! 


The Beach Boutique at Le Club 55, Cinquante Cinq in St. Tropez, is by far the best place to shop. Brimming with hidden treasures, it epitomizes the LoveShack life.



I’m forever inspired by the textures, the epic homes that line the winding coast, and the people, whom inspire me to dress-up in different outfits per every activity of the day, just because it’s fun! Plus, I’m endlessly drawn to the florals on florals that dominate the decor of our hotel.


Your Summer Suitcase: Miami

It’s amazing to see this lively international city brimming with energy, nostalgia, and soul—of which our latest Summer collection is perfectly suited. There’s something very enchanting about it all, almost as if anything goes.

Famous for its 1930s Art Deco, latin culture, and endless beaches, Miami makes for a dream travel destination—especially when coming from New York City. Offering an easy escape, not only for its time zone, but also for its convenience—think city to beach in less than three hours.

When asked to speak at Soho Beach House’s Fashion For Breakfast—on the brink of launching our first swim collection—our Founder and Creative Director, Rebecca embarked on a getaway to the idyllic seaside locale, full of incredible food, hidden gems, and picturesque places to stay (and shoot!). Join us on her travels, as she weighs in on her love for the southern city, blending work and play with LoveShack family & friends.


There's a sensibility here that luxury and the beach go hand in hand…which is so Love, Shack, and Fancy. I’m endlessly inspired by the sentiment of old world Miami and the 1930’s Art Deco. The colors of the buildings, the pinks, celadon greens, mint, sea foam, and sun bleached palette. Plus, I love the music and the Latin vibe throughout the city. It’s all so energetic.


Whenever I can, I try to sneak over to Design District and Wynwood for a bit of local inspiration.


We’re never not shooting. Quite literally. And, wherever we go, we always have a fun dress-up session (or two, or three…) to get creative. On this past trip, a shoot organically came together at dusk with my dearest friend and photographer, Dean Isdro. As the day turned to night, we splashed in the sea under the ombre sky in our floral dresses, snapping away.



We absolutely LIVE at The Soho Beach House. It’s magic. Flying in from New York and then waking up in the morning with nothing but the ocean stretched out in front of us is instantly transportive.

Mornings are spent at the Beachbar sipping cappuccinos (with whole milk!), and nibbling on fresh fruit with pancakes, while afternoon meetings are held poolside. As evening approaches, we meander down the boardwalk to the beach for a sunset shoot, followed by drinks on our terrace—served from the charming bar cart which comes round to each room at 7pm. Typically the night concludes at Cecconi’s with family and friends.


Anywhere we travel, I do my best to fill our hotel room with personal items and things we love. On this particular trip, we had hosted a birthday celebration in NYC the night before we left and our home was filled with roses. Rather than see the flowers go to waste, we decided to bring them down to Miami with us! It was so special to have our room filled with hundreds of fresh blooms and racks of delicate vintage dresses mixed with our Summer collection, making us feel immediately at home in Miami



For special occasions, we love to organize an evening with our best friends at Casa Tua. The food is delicious and we dance the night away to the beat of the bongo drums. Plus, I always love having Joe’s Stone Crab for lunch, out on the beach.



I lived in the Evelyn dress and Angie dress. The Madeline dress is my absolute favorite--I have one in the original white and one in pink that I hand dyed.


I can't travel without my new LSF bathing suits—they’re mix and match and the only thing I want to wear. Plus, my straw bag with LOVE embroidered in pink, my gold vintage bracelets (that are available at our Sag Harbor shop), and of course my wedges!


One evening after dinner, we went back to our room for dessert with a few of my girlfriends and their daughters. We ended up playing dress-up for hours with our vintage pieces, laughing among the piles of tulle while eating ice cream sundaes. It was heaven.