"I was raised in a pretty bohemian environment, surrounded by artists and musicians. My parents are massively in love, but unmarried, which wasn't the most conventional thing to do at the time. I always had a wonderful example of healthy romantic and family relationships between my parents and my 3 older brothers. I move to New York to study poetry in college when I was 17 and also found myself working in fashion fairly quickly, assisting Kate Young. I also began the path to working as a songwriter while I was in college, and starting Littledoe in my last year of schooling. Needles to say, things slightly shifted over the years, Littledoe has grown into a bigger project than I'd anticipated, and I'm now working as a singer/songwriter, with a record coming out later this year." 

Where did the idea start for Little doe?

I was really inspired and intrigued by the California Canyon 1970s aesthetic at a time when that was not in vogue at all. For clothing, I was able to source vintage, but for accessories, I decided to make my own headpieces simply so I had something to wear. It caught on pretty quickly that I was making them and people began asking me to buy them. 

What is your process for sourcing inspiration and ideas for your pieces?

Often times I do find that inspiration tends to find me, in the sense that before I begin work on a collection, I've already got a pretty good idea of what I'm going for. If not, then I'll get lost at the library or old photo archives and see what pops out to me, pick a very specific theme, and kind of work from that base point and built out around it.

What does a normal day look like for you?

There's not really much normalcy in my life at the moment, as I'm constantly moving, traveling, juggling between music & Littledoe. I am a very early riser, so I usually will wake up and lay in bed for a while and look at emails, then either go for a run or to a yoga class, then have a coffee and continue my emails. Often a few meetings in the afternoon, then, if I'm in LA, I'll come home and work on music and cook dinner, or go out and meet friends for wine and food, then sometimes go see a friend play or go dancing with girlfriends if I'm feeling up for it. 

You are also a talented singer-songwriter. Tell us about what you are doing right now.

I just finished a small tour and am gearing up to release the first few songs from a new record I've been working on. I think it's the best work I've done & I hope people will agree. This record has been incredibly personal for me, and has been a very cathartic experience, so my hope is that people will find some solace in that as well.


Tell us about your home and how your inspiration influences your décor.

I have always gravitated towards mid century style, and that has evolved as I've grown up. I tend to be more attracted to less clutter and more clean architecture  in design these days, with a lot of influence from nature and the outside world. I split my time between a 1920s storybook cottage in the hills of Los Angeles, and an old co-op building in the East village in New York. They both are decorated with a sort of clean 1970s influence, lots of wood, velvet, & warm leathers.

Where do you go to escape?

Northern Ontario, Key Biscayne, Upstate New York, or if time disallows I'll simply hide in my house and lock all the doors 

What are you listening to?

This week, Sam Cooke on repeat, but usually, reggae music is probably my most favourite music. Derek Harriet, Augustus Pablo, Lee Scratch Perry, all the good men.

Bohemian Muse: Pamela Katz

Pamela's Bohemian Soul Playlist

1. Sofia Tukker - "Awoo"

2. Fleetwood Mac (Gigamesh remix) - "Dreams"

3. Christine and the Queens (Dim Sum remix) - "Saint Claude"

4. Glass Animals (Wild Culture remix) - "Gooey"

5. Miike Snow - "Cult Logic"

6. Felix Cartal - "Get What You Give"

Mother and Daughter Tea Party


In honor of Mother's Day, and to celebrate all of our favorite mamas and daughters, we opened the Loveshack barn doors for an afternoon tea party. 


"As soon as I saw you,

I knew an adventure

was going to happen."

- Winnie the Pooh

30 seconds with the

Loveshack Mamas...





Rebecca Hessel Cohen - Creative Director - Mother

  1. Your life in emojis: 💃🌈🌸🌹👸🎉✨🍷👑💋💍👼👠👙👗👛🐰⭐️🌊💫🍝🍦🍰
  2. Favorite mother/daughter ritual: dancing like none is watching and singing at the top of our lungs
  3. Best thing about having a girl (vs a boy): playing dress up together
  4. Favorite tea sandwich or tea time snack: baguette and olive oil. And rosé for me ;)





Sai De Silva - ScoutTheCity - Mother

  1. Your life in emojis: ☕️👩‍👧‍👦👩🏽‍💻😎🎥🍝🍷
  2. Favorite mother/daughter ritual: blasting the music and having a dance party at home
  3. Best thing about having a girl (vs a boy): playing dress, shopping and getting a mani/pedi
  4. Favorite tea sandwich or tea time snack: macaroons!






Daphne Oz - Wonderwoman - Mother

  1. Your life in emojis: 😂🙌🍕💕💙💛💚💜💞💘💝
  2. Favorite mother/daughter ritual: Tea time! She has so many tea sets, and is always laying out elaborate pretend feasts. She is obsessed with makeup, which she definitely gets from me - we're in a hot pink eyeshadow phase at the moment. I think her favorite thing of all is making popcorn with butter, salt and nutritional yeast and watching movies together after I put her brother to sleep.
  3. Best thing about having a girl (vs a boy):  I'd be lying if I didn't say girl outfits are 1000x better! But the best part is I feel like ours came into the world already fully formed with so many opinions, a crazy sense of humor and her own way of doing everything. She is endlessly curious about the "why" of everything (she's also 3), but it feels like it's because she's trying to understand the emotions and motivations. Our son is purely physical. He wants to run at and touch everything, and he hates sitting still except to cuddle (which is the best!). It's just two totally different approaches to learning about the world, and I wouldn't say one is better than the other - but one definitely makes me worry for his bodily safety a bit more haha. 
  4. Favorite tea sandwich or tea time snack: Cinnamon-sugar toast. For a sandwich, I love cucumbers and cream cheese or curried chicken salad with golden raisins. But best of all would be a hot scone with clotted cream and apricot jam.





Jodie Snyder Morel - Dannijo - Mother

  1. Your life in emojis: 🍼🍷👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🚴‍♀️🚕✈️🗽💕
  2. Favorite mother/daughter ritual: we have the best dance parties 
  3. Best thing about having a girl (vs a boy): shopping for her 
  4. Favorite tea sandwich or tea time snack: I'm obsessed with healing home foods almond butter chunk granola (you can buy at hu kitchen) and ginger tea 


Stacy Lilien - Loveshackfancy - Mother

  1. Your life in emojis: ❤️😜🙈🙌😉
  2. Favorite mother/daughter ritual: getting a manicure together 
  3. Best thing about having a girl (vs a boy): tutus and tiaras
  4. Favorite tea sandwich or tea time snack: croissants!

Happy Mother's Day xoxo

LOVESHACKGIRL / Michelle Monaghan

Actress, mother and all round laid-back loveshack beauty, Michelle Monaghan and daughter, Willow is the first of Maisonette's Mommy and Me series. Michelle sits down to talk about her approach to parenting, matching outfits and why a sense of humor is the key to everything.

Read the full story on Maisonette.

Michelle wears The Noelle Dress.

Michelle wears The Noelle Dress.

Do you have a favorite mother/daughter tradition?

We have a few – and they all involve food! We have this favorite ice cream shop that we go to, it’s sort of our own little secret, and we get vanilla ice cream with dulce de leche. And we also really love linguine with clams. Nobody else in the family eats it, so it’s our own thing, and I always crack up when I watch her eating it. We also bake together – Willow is a great little helper in the kitchen.

Do you ever dress alike?

We have a pair of matching red flats that we wear. If we are holding hands and walking somewhere and I look down and see that we’re walking in the same shoes, it makes me smile. But actually, Willow wears a lot of my old clothes, and even my mom’s and grandma’s old clothes – they kept everything. She loves the old bubble dress my mom made me in the 80s, and my grandma’s long pleated skirts. So Willow and I actually have photos of ourselves in matching outfits throughout the ages, which is so awesome.

What has been your proudest moment as a mother?

Just having children, honestly, just going through labor! I think every mom will admit that there is such a fear the first time, like ‘how am I going to get this thing out of my body?’ And you live with that for 9 months and then you experience the miracle of giving birth, and that you did it! And you think ‘I made a baby and then gave birth to it!’ 

I’m also very proud as I watch my children develop a sense of humor – and one that’s similar to mine or my husband’s sense of humor. I really take pride in that because I sort of see the imprint that we have on them as parents – that one is positive, but that’s not to say we don’t have some negative imprints on them as well! But that one really warms my heart. 

And then it’s little things, like when my daughter gets up in her classroom and presents something to the whole group. I am an adult – and an actress! - and that kind of thing still gives me anxiety. So just to see that confidence begin to flourish, I look at her with such pride and I just want to encourage her. 


"...always have a sense of humor. Truly. It is such a nice quality both in children and adults."

Michelle wears the Edie dress. Willow wears the Girl's Flutter Sleeve Top and Ruffle Mini Skirt.

Michelle wears the Edie dress. Willow wears the Girl's Flutter Sleeve Top and Ruffle Mini Skirt.

What is the best parenting advice you ever received?

I got some great parenting advice from Kevin Bacon. I co-hosted an event with him about 6 weeks after I had Willow. We were getting to know each other and I told him my husband and I were really in the thick of it, sleepless nights, exhaustion, the whole thing. And he said to me: “This too shall pass.” And it did. But what he also meant was to treasure every moment. Not to worry about when they’d be potty-trained, but to focus on every step along the way. I always wanted to tell Kevin how impactful that advice was. And I finally got the chance – we recently did a film together. When I finally saw him, he had actually just written a song to his daughter who was going off to college. And of course he called it “This Too Shall Pass.”

Any wisdom for first time parents?

You know, we all have so many responsibilities outside of our family lives, and it is so difficult to manage that balance at times. I know how difficult it can be! I am not gonna lie, I put my tail between my legs a lot! This morning I was working on a new script when I heard my husband tell my son I would play catch with him. And my son said: “Mommy can’t. She’s busy.” He could tell how focused I was on my work. And that broke my heart. I closed the script and we started to play. I try to remind myself to be in the present as much a possible.


“I love these Love Shack Fancy dresses! They have a bit of a throwback 70’s vibe which I am in really into – it’s part of my daily aesthetic. Plus, there is something so sweet about a little girl in white. Willow was very excited to put on this dress – her little pupils dilated.” – Michelle Monaghan


Behind the Barn Doors: Welcome to Love Shack Fancy

"It's a peaceful escape from the hustle of NYC - white, bright and airy. Whimsical and romantic, a place where you want to play dress up, run around barefoot."- Rebecca Cohen

Last summer we moved from a loft in the Meatpacking district to our new space in Chelsea. Once an artists studio, Rebecca's vision of Hamptons beach houses meets the south of France came together to create our own little haven.


How did you find this Chelsea space?

I’ve always loved this building. When I was an editor at Cosmo I came here for many years for appointments, and always specifically loved the Michael Bastian and Stella McCartney showrooms. It’s the perfect location and a great mix of fashion, and gallery spaces.  

How has the space evolved since you moved in?

We completely gut renovated the space - painted white floors and white walls, and created separate rooms. I wanted a beautiful showroom space and also a great area for the girls to work, a nice kitchen, a great open office for me and also a cool conference room that feels like a garden room.

What aesthetic did you envision?

The vibe is very beach house meets country meets south of France. A mix of Hamptons beach house and Swedish farmhouse. Mike built the most gorgeous vine tree as focal point of the space with Wisteria that hangs down. 

Who did you choose to work with on this project?

We hired the french designers Gilles & Boissier who are based out of Paris, and Patricia Tramuls oversaw all the work with us in NYC.  I came up with a vision of what I wanted the showroom to feel like and then after coming up with a few different floorplans we landed on the perfect one. A friend of mine, Mike Moser handled all of the decorate who is also the decorative manager for Ralph Lauren.


"There is music playing, rosé and croissants being served...and everything else that we love!"

Where did you source your interior inspiration from?

My house in Sagaponack was a huge inspiration.  My mothers old 1800’s farmhouse as well. Love elements from the Paris flea market, really mixing European and American styles. A mix of modern and country, beach and Europe. We have gold mirrors from Paris, a beautiful peacock chair from the French flea market, old barn doors from upstate, and a mix of old Swedish antiques, farm tables etc. Most of the pieces were bought at Brimfield antique show. 

Tell us about the centerpiece of the showroom.

It’s a wisteria tree with real wisteria branches and faux buds and floral. It really creates the focal point of the showroom. Our idea is to hang different seasonal elements and flowers from it each season. Now we are working on holiday and hanging magical twinkle lights and gold painted floral, mixed in with the wisteria. We wanted to bring elements of nature into the showroom, so having this type of magical tree felt right.


"We always have the space filled with flowers. Whether dried or fresh."


How important was the layout in your process?

I wanted a comfortable working environment for everyone, with beautiful light and communal desks so people could feel inspired and collaborate together. I think it’s extremely important to be inspired in the space where you work – so I wanted to convey this in the showroom and office.

Do you use the space for anything else?

I bring my girls to visit as much as possible – we have birthday parties for them, and little magic playdates. The other day the girls performed the nutcracker while we did a little LoveShackFancy girls photo shoot - it was magical. For them it’s a dreamworld, they feel like they are at our beach house . They have all the space to run around, and all the clothes to play dress up in. It’s the same for women – we really wanted a space for everyone to feel comfortable and inspired. Inspired to create, to shop, the brainstorm, to eat, to drink.

pssst... this is what our showroom looked like before

We roadtripped to the Brimfield Antique fair in Massachusetts...