Brooklyn Blues

A Friday with our favorite Brooklyn loveshack babes: model Britt Maren and jewelry designer Leslie OKelley... love, travel and life across the water...

Britt: Brooklyn has some similar vibes to Austin, I think crossing the water and being slightly removed from the craziness of the city is highly beneficial for me as a whole.  After living in the city for a while, Derek and I were ready to make a place our home, and it’s been amazing to do that here in Williamsburg. We have a spare bedroom, so we can have friends and family from back home come and stay whenever. Love in NYC has its ups & downs, but I think when you find that right person, it’s a great place to be, especially when you’re young. 

Leslie: I agree with Britt, Brooklyn definitely has its “Texas” moments here and there and that’s what makes it so nice to be in, it’s something familiar. It’s home. I feel like I have had 9 lives in NYC having lived in different parts of the city. I have to say my best times have been in Brooklyn, I’ve been living here for almost 6 years. My best friends live here and I met my boyfriend at the bar down the street. Doesn’t get much better than that.

From exploring Brooklyn and dancing in your living room, to enjoying a rooftop sunset, we loved hanging out with you at home, and your vinyl collection! Give us your top 3 songs for the summer…

Britt: Les would be better at this. She’s the music pro, and would probably scoff at my music choices. I’ve been listening to Lemonade….

Leslie: I would actually LOVE to hear what Britt would have to say for this but mine would be: Suncream by Rufus du sol, Drifting; (RAC MIX) by On and On, and Moments by Kidnap Kid

Britt, we love that you’re married to a chef! Do you love to entertain? What’s your favorite place to have a glass of wine and dinner at sunset in Brooklyn?

Britt: We do love to entertain at home, especially this time of year. We are always up on the roof now, and Derek is getting our grill ready for summer rooftop meals. It’s so nice to have outdoor space in NYC, especially growing up in a place like Texas where we had tons of it. Leslie actually got us some great wedding presents– a hammock, string lights, and a portable speaker. They make it so nice to hang out up here all spring & summer. Derek mans the grill, I’ll grab some Lorenza Rosé and help prep the food, and we’ll have friends over just to hang out for the night.

You both travel a lot, tell us about your last trip and three things you never leave home without…

Britt: My last trip, like most, was for work, and I went to a tiny town in the middle of nowhere in Spain for a week. It was pretty cool & unique- we were shooting in wheat fields, and I had an enormous outdoor bathtub to relax in. When I travel I never leave home without snacks (lots of sweets, I get hangry without them), my super soft eye mask from Catbird, and good skincare products to keep my skin clean & hydrated.

Leslie: I am going to come out and say it (and Britt probably already knows this about me), but I SUCK at packing. I leave home without packing underwear sometimes, so I’m the worst. Britt and I are total opposites when it comes to that...but I do always seem to have my headphones, a camera, and a good lipbalm!

When you wear LoveShackFancy, you feel… 

Britt:  Flirty, comfortable, chic & ready for the beach!

Leslie: Free, Comfortable; the right amount of girly!


Photographer: Sidney Benison | Location: Brooklyn | Models: Britt Maren & Leslie O'Kelley | Jewelry: Bow & Arrow