A Midsummer Day's Dream

In honor of the longest day of summer, we threw an afternoon soiree at the gorgeous Sagaponack farmhouse of our founder Rebecca Cohen. No LSF party is complete without rosé, vintage lace, and of course some fresh flower crowns...

What inspired your Midsummer lunch?

One of my Swedish friends told me about the Midsummer Night Festival, a tradition that’s held there around this time every year. We love anything beautiful and feminine, especially when it involves white, lace, and flower crowns, so this is my interpretation of a Midsummer Night Festival as a nice lunch. We did a version of a maypole in white tulle and lace, and we also brought out our white lace tepee, which we have at a lot of parties.

How do you describe the look and feel of the party?

Many pieces in our summer collection are white, and the interior of our house is nearly all white as well, so we decided to make it a white party. My whole world is relaxed—nothing too formal or fussy—but I’m really into aesthetics, whether it’s lighting or the tables and chairs. I pay attention to the details; everything embodies Love Shack Fancy and the mix of old and new.

What's the origin of Love Shack Fancy?

My mom was the creative director at Seventeen and then did lifestyle styling for a few other magazines. She collected vintage clothes, props, and furniture and was going to start a prop house company at our house in Bridgehampton called Love Shack Fancy. She never ended up launching the company, and years later, when I was starting my brand and tried coming up with the name, nothing felt right. But Love Shack Fancy did, and now it’s this world of its own that originated from my mom’s ultimate Love Shack Fancy house.

We launched the brand in 2013. Before that, I was a senior fashion editor at Cosmopolitan. I spent about seven and a half years there, and worked at like every other magazine before that. I worked in magazines for a long time—I’m not a trained designer.

Any advice on how to throw a kid-friendly party?

We had a whole situation set up for the kids: barbecue pizza, arts and crafts with a girl from Shine, a camp in Sagaponack, music, and an ice cream truck. They were in heaven.

Tell us about your house...

My husband and I bought this house two years ago. My parents and his parents both have homes here, so I’ve been coming out my whole life. When we had our first baby, we wanted to find our own house. I love old, and my husband likes new and modern, so we were looking for something that we could make into our own. When we found this house, it was like a dark dungeon, so we painted it all white and mixed in antiques and furniture that we’ve accumulated over the past two years. It’s a really fun, relaxed, and amazing beach-house-meets-farmhouse.

Photography: Dan Kienan, Fashion Week Daily