A Night in Ibiza


Bienvenido a Ibiza

Over the holidays, we longed for the days of summer... so, we decided to bring the island to us! In our usual LSF fashion, we spectacularly transformed our showroom into an Ibiza sanctuary of Pinterest-worthy décor, food and style for a very special evening celebrated with family and close friends of the brand.

Moments before the party began, our founder Rebecca spun around in a Prairie Lace dress, choreographing finishing touches on the decadent center piece, an oasis of delicious food surrounded by an abundance of tangerines and garland while Chef Lola Vinegre - a master of meals we discovered this past summer in Ibiza - plated tapas for our Spanish inspired soiree. When guests arrived, they feasted on Seafood Paella paired with champagne sangria made with rose petals and a dash of black rum as the snow fell outside and the lights twinkled inside, ensconcing our showroom in a welcoming glow.

As all great ones do, the night passed - much, much too quickly.


A Moment with Chef Lola

We sat down with Chef Lola, who flew in from Ibiza to help us entertain during the holiday season and discussed her tips, tricks, and culinary inspiration

Favorite thing about cooking... To see the happiness that my food brings people plus creating a story around with the menu. Everyone is different and everyday I create something new. I love going to the market and seeing what’s fresh and in season and that’s where I find my inspiration. I go to the fish market first at 6am, the meat market, and then I go to the farmers market to collect fresh eggs, cheeses, fruits and vegetables. The most difficult thing is to be simple, once you understand the simplicity of every ingredient that goes into a dish, you can create a recipe that’s special and unique for that party or person!

Can’t cook without... Fresh herbs. They bring the best flavors out in all the ingredients.

On combining flavors... In Spain, we combine a lot of fish and meat together and with fresh herbs and ingredients I find balance with all the flavors.

" My secret ingredients are good sea salt, and if it’s raw it’s the best. Fresh herbs, not dry. Mix herbs – fresh oregano, thyme, basil, rosemary, Szechuan pepper, saffron, good extra virgin olive oils, and always good wine."


"Cook with passion and always use seasonal ingredients! You need good ingredients to make good food."