"I was raised in a pretty bohemian environment, surrounded by artists and musicians. My parents are massively in love, but unmarried, which wasn't the most conventional thing to do at the time. I always had a wonderful example of healthy romantic and family relationships between my parents and my 3 older brothers. I move to New York to study poetry in college when I was 17 and also found myself working in fashion fairly quickly, assisting Kate Young. I also began the path to working as a songwriter while I was in college, and starting Littledoe in my last year of schooling. Needles to say, things slightly shifted over the years, Littledoe has grown into a bigger project than I'd anticipated, and I'm now working as a singer/songwriter, with a record coming out later this year." 

Where did the idea start for Little doe?

I was really inspired and intrigued by the California Canyon 1970s aesthetic at a time when that was not in vogue at all. For clothing, I was able to source vintage, but for accessories, I decided to make my own headpieces simply so I had something to wear. It caught on pretty quickly that I was making them and people began asking me to buy them. 

What is your process for sourcing inspiration and ideas for your pieces?

Often times I do find that inspiration tends to find me, in the sense that before I begin work on a collection, I've already got a pretty good idea of what I'm going for. If not, then I'll get lost at the library or old photo archives and see what pops out to me, pick a very specific theme, and kind of work from that base point and built out around it.

What does a normal day look like for you?

There's not really much normalcy in my life at the moment, as I'm constantly moving, traveling, juggling between music & Littledoe. I am a very early riser, so I usually will wake up and lay in bed for a while and look at emails, then either go for a run or to a yoga class, then have a coffee and continue my emails. Often a few meetings in the afternoon, then, if I'm in LA, I'll come home and work on music and cook dinner, or go out and meet friends for wine and food, then sometimes go see a friend play or go dancing with girlfriends if I'm feeling up for it. 

You are also a talented singer-songwriter. Tell us about what you are doing right now.

I just finished a small tour and am gearing up to release the first few songs from a new record I've been working on. I think it's the best work I've done & I hope people will agree. This record has been incredibly personal for me, and has been a very cathartic experience, so my hope is that people will find some solace in that as well.


Tell us about your home and how your inspiration influences your décor.

I have always gravitated towards mid century style, and that has evolved as I've grown up. I tend to be more attracted to less clutter and more clean architecture  in design these days, with a lot of influence from nature and the outside world. I split my time between a 1920s storybook cottage in the hills of Los Angeles, and an old co-op building in the East village in New York. They both are decorated with a sort of clean 1970s influence, lots of wood, velvet, & warm leathers.

Where do you go to escape?

Northern Ontario, Key Biscayne, Upstate New York, or if time disallows I'll simply hide in my house and lock all the doors 

What are you listening to?

This week, Sam Cooke on repeat, but usually, reggae music is probably my most favourite music. Derek Harriet, Augustus Pablo, Lee Scratch Perry, all the good men.