Behind the Barn Doors: Welcome to Love Shack Fancy

"It's a peaceful escape from the hustle of NYC - white, bright and airy. Whimsical and romantic, a place where you want to play dress up, run around barefoot."- Rebecca Cohen

Last summer we moved from a loft in the Meatpacking district to our new space in Chelsea. Once an artists studio, Rebecca's vision of Hamptons beach houses meets the south of France came together to create our own little haven.


How did you find this Chelsea space?

I’ve always loved this building. When I was an editor at Cosmo I came here for many years for appointments, and always specifically loved the Michael Bastian and Stella McCartney showrooms. It’s the perfect location and a great mix of fashion, and gallery spaces.  

How has the space evolved since you moved in?

We completely gut renovated the space - painted white floors and white walls, and created separate rooms. I wanted a beautiful showroom space and also a great area for the girls to work, a nice kitchen, a great open office for me and also a cool conference room that feels like a garden room.

What aesthetic did you envision?

The vibe is very beach house meets country meets south of France. A mix of Hamptons beach house and Swedish farmhouse. Mike built the most gorgeous vine tree as focal point of the space with Wisteria that hangs down. 

Who did you choose to work with on this project?

We hired the french designers Gilles & Boissier who are based out of Paris, and Patricia Tramuls oversaw all the work with us in NYC.  I came up with a vision of what I wanted the showroom to feel like and then after coming up with a few different floorplans we landed on the perfect one. A friend of mine, Mike Moser handled all of the decorate who is also the decorative manager for Ralph Lauren.


"There is music playing, rosé and croissants being served...and everything else that we love!"

Where did you source your interior inspiration from?

My house in Sagaponack was a huge inspiration.  My mothers old 1800’s farmhouse as well. Love elements from the Paris flea market, really mixing European and American styles. A mix of modern and country, beach and Europe. We have gold mirrors from Paris, a beautiful peacock chair from the French flea market, old barn doors from upstate, and a mix of old Swedish antiques, farm tables etc. Most of the pieces were bought at Brimfield antique show. 

Tell us about the centerpiece of the showroom.

It’s a wisteria tree with real wisteria branches and faux buds and floral. It really creates the focal point of the showroom. Our idea is to hang different seasonal elements and flowers from it each season. Now we are working on holiday and hanging magical twinkle lights and gold painted floral, mixed in with the wisteria. We wanted to bring elements of nature into the showroom, so having this type of magical tree felt right.


"We always have the space filled with flowers. Whether dried or fresh."


How important was the layout in your process?

I wanted a comfortable working environment for everyone, with beautiful light and communal desks so people could feel inspired and collaborate together. I think it’s extremely important to be inspired in the space where you work – so I wanted to convey this in the showroom and office.

Do you use the space for anything else?

I bring my girls to visit as much as possible – we have birthday parties for them, and little magic playdates. The other day the girls performed the nutcracker while we did a little LoveShackFancy girls photo shoot - it was magical. For them it’s a dreamworld, they feel like they are at our beach house . They have all the space to run around, and all the clothes to play dress up in. It’s the same for women – we really wanted a space for everyone to feel comfortable and inspired. Inspired to create, to shop, the brainstorm, to eat, to drink.

pssst... this is what our showroom looked like before

We roadtripped to the Brimfield Antique fair in Massachusetts...

Waking up in Tulum


The sea and sand of Tulum are like no other, but Tulum has two sides and opposite its stunning beach, is the jungle. With deep, lush greens and memorizing centoes, any adventurer gets lost in its unique beauty. 

The LSF creative team has been traveling to Tulum for years, to seek inspiration, produce shoots, and to enjoy the salty air and warm love of its people. On one special trip our crew met model and now dear friend of LSF, Lias Rodrigues Liveria, Lias lives with her husband on the jungle side of the enchanting city and invited us to her home for a gorgeous afternoon dinner party. 

With wine and spirit in hand we arrived to her elegant home midst beautiful overgrown and romantic wild vegetation.

On the menu was homemade empanadas and guacamole. Music filled the air and we danced together into the evening. Lais is all heart, she entertained us with gracious affection.


Two salt water pools surrounded her home and we swam when it got too hot to dance. Never had any of us experienced a more special and inspired day. 

We laughed and loved that day. Unforgettable and almost unbelievable. 


She came from the ocean,

This wild girl from the sea,

Her hair flowing southwards

She walked towards me...

-Michael Faudet


All photos by Dean Isidro | Location: Tulum, Mexico

Cozy Up

Notes from Rebecca Hessel Cohen, our Founder and Creative Director.

 It's been a long and emotional week for all of us.

We need each other now more than ever, and its moments like these that we are so thankful for all the incredible women who surround us.

There is no better feeling than to be inspired by your friends, so I wanted to share a little editorial that we recently shot with my close friend and Loveshack muse, Julia Restoin Roitfeld. We became friends a few years ago through our little girls, and we’ve had so many unbelievable memories together.

Julia embodies everything that we all aspire to be. Her confidence, beauty, sensuality and free spirited nature is contagious. She is sexy and feminine, mysterious and charming, approachable and aspirational. She has the ability to wear clothes and not let the clothes wear her. She is so much more than a model, she is a career woman and a mom.

So now is the time to get out in nature, grab your cozy knits, and layer them with all the pieces that make you feel like the amazing woman that you are.

 In this story Julia wears our baby alpaca knit sweaters, layered with our silk charmeuse and metallic maxi dresses and our new prairie lace agnes top.   

 Thank you CR and Masha Photo, and Julia for such a gorgeous shoot and feature…

Read full story on CR Fashion Book

Rebecca xx

LoveShackFancy, Founder and Creative Director