What does a typical day look like for you and Scout in New York City?

A typical day starts for me at 6am. I wake up 3 hours before Scout so I could tackle emails and create content for the blog. Once she wakes, we usually have a full schedule of photoshoots or playdates depending on the day. We always make time to scout new neighborhoods around the city so she can learn about them. 

Do you have a mother daughter ritual?

We love to dance in the mirror! We both pick a song and dance around the living room before bed. We usually end up in the bathroom washing our faces together while she chats about her day. Trust me, she can chat for hours. 

Summers are spent…

Exploring the city, traveling, laughing and meeting new friends. 

Do you travel much as a family? What’s your secret to traveling in style with a little one?

Yes, we travel often and I have it down to a science. My daughter carries her own suite case which makes packing easier. I always roll and tuck each item of clothing so it fits perfectly. We both sport harem pants and comfortable sneakers for airport chic style. I always bring a seat back organizer filled with snacks, crayons and other activities that she can reach from her seat on the plane so I don’t have to rummage through my bag every five minutes.  

Style tips for moms on the go

Grab a pair of boyfriend jeans, v-neck tee and Birkenstocks for a relaxed look. Pull your hair in a bun and accessorize with sunglasses and delicate layered necklaces for a chic on the go look.  

Your go to mommy and me styling tip

I much prefer to color coordinate with my daughter rather than matching from head-to-toe. 

Philosophy on motherhood and work/life balance

Oddly enough I stumbled upon a career that incorporates both. Although content creating is usually a 24 hour job I do have to set my camera aside and genuinely spend time with my daughter which we do on the weekends. We usually cook together, go to the museum or just stay at home and play pretend make-up. I try and spend as much quality time as possible since they grow so quickly. 

Scouts personality in three words…

Social, energetic, humorous

Scout’s favorite thing to wear…

A pair of rainbow sandals by stella McCartney

What is Scout’s must-have LoveShackFancy x Romy & the Bunnies outfit?

The cupcake print circle skirt! of course she had to eat a real cupcake while wearing the skirt. 

What do you hope your daughter learns from you?

Confidence, determination, strength

To be free is to…

Live without fear